Finding the right racket

Tennis is a tough sport. It requires tons of skill, talent and physical toughness. You have to be really fit to be able to constantly run around chasing after the tennis ball all game long yet you still need to have the power and strength needed to make the shots required to score points and win the game. On top of all this you will need a good pair of shoes that can handle the strain you will put on your feet in the course of a match. Then you’ll need to go that extra mile to find a racket that will match your style of play and allow you to execute the shots you play most often.

Some people favor a lighter racket that allows them to get to the ball faster when tracking down a cross course shot and finding a way to get the ball back over the net. While others might prefer a heavier racket that will carry more force through the ball when the shots are made. The trade off of speed Vs power is the biggest decision you’ll have to make when it comes time to figure out what racket you’ll want to get. This is the key to finding the right racket for your game. You’ll want to test out a few of the cheaper rackets that fit in the mold of lighter and heavier rackets and get a feel for how each plays for you. Once you have gotten a good idea of what style of racket you want then you can make the decision to go for a higher end racket that will be the main racket you use for big matches and important games.


Radracquets is a website devoted to helping you find the best racket for your game and giving you all the info you need to find exactly the racket that suits your game perfectly. Think of them as your equipment coach only you don’t have to pay them you just go on the Internet and get their expert advice for free. It’s really that simple for the tennis player who needs info on rackets to just check this site out and get all the answers they need for all the questions they have.

The site also covers kids gear as well. Teaching your kids tennis is a great way to have them learn about sportsmanship and making friends while also keeping them fit and having them improve their hand to eye coordination. You’ll find tennis to be a great investment in your kid’s future and you never know if they’ll end up being the next Rafa Nadal or Roger Federer.

So go on their side and compare the different brands. Wilson, Head, Babolat, and many others. See which ones fit the shape of your body and the curve of your swing the best and get a head start for when you go to the local sports shop and start testing out their rackets. You know what you want now you just have to go out and get it. Be bold and make your tennis game truly be aces.